I’ve flown with Air Transat quite a bit, primarily because it’s cheaper than Air Canada when we’re talking about flying back and forth to the UK (which is usually where I’m flying back and forth from). One thing I’ll mention specifically for flying into London, UK, is that, as far as I’m aware, Air Transat flies only into Gatwick, not into Heathrow. For anyone who knows these airports, you might know that getting from Gatwick back into King’s Cross is a veritable pain in the ass, and the train you have to catch goes slower than I could bloody walk. But anyway. Air Transat as an airline is … okay. Depends largely on the plane you get, too. Sometimes you’ll get a newer plane, where you have your own personal tv, and other times, you’ll have to watch the communal tv. Like a peasant. It’s no wedding limousine service.


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